Should I Stay or Should I Go?
This may be the question you are asking yourself right now, because what you once thought was the perfect decision ended up looking MUCH different in reality.

Stay and hope things get better….or jump ship while you still can?

I know just thinking about it will bring on unpleasant emotions.

It may be time to realize “this just isn’t working” Take a long hard look at where your career is right now and where it should be.

Do you feel that there is more you could be doing….

More you have to offer….

….and if you just had someone to help you structure your business around your vision ….that would make a huge difference vs some plug and play version of someone else’s idea of success!

Are you starting to feel a bit of relief?

Now is the time, now is the opportunity, now is when you should stand up and say “No More”, I have to make a change!

This is why Lawson Covington at Covington Real Estate has made a HUGE shift in his brokerage. He understands the struggle and knows how to help you make your business what you want it to be, by encompassing the right tools and resources .

Just Some Of The Benefits Of Being
With Covington & Associates Real Estate 
  •  No franchise fee
  •  No monthly fees
  •  We pay for all yard signs, stakes, and hardware
  •  Individual Branded Website
  •         Technology Center: Agent Branding and Advanced Marketing Services
  •  Company generated Buyer and Seller Leads, with no upfront or monthly fees
  •  Newly Licensed Agent Onboarding and Mentoring 1 on 1 Services
  •  A broker and owner who is in the office every day, with an open door policy
  •  Positive Office Culture
  •  Extensive Community Involvement
  •  1 on 1 Agent Career Consulting Opportunities
  •  Easiest and most lucrative profit-sharing system around
  •  Full admin staff to support your business
  •  Team Growth Consulting Opportunities
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Managing Broker 

Covington and Associates is a household name, and the owner Lawson Covington, embodies the customer-driven, community-minded persona that began its success more than 25 years ago. 

He has spent his career ingraining himself into the Real Estate market in Livingston Parish and branding his company. 

He has been involved in numerous city and parish organizations and has sat on the board of Directors for the Chamber of Commerce, the Denham Springs Kiwanis Club and numerous community project organizations. 

Lawson has worked hand in hand for many years with the parish and municipalities on large commercial, retail and residential developments that have helped make Livingston Parish part of what it is today. | 1110 S Range Ave Denham Springs, La 70726 | 225-667-3711